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10.24.18xx, security

I had unfortunatly been delayed for my own grand opening by a storm off Cala Mondrago,.  Having regained our course, we returned to Babbage and Footman House to find the front window smashed.  looking in the house, I found wet footprints leading pass the smashed remnants of my aquarium, and into the clinic, where jars were broken around the floor and the bed was turned over, before they led back to the smashed window.  I set the pengi to work cleaning up the mess and repairing the window, and decided security is needed.


I had found a poor canine left on the tracks, it seemed one of the more feral trams are still left roaming New Babbage and attacked the dog.  I collected up the parts and brought them to the lab.  

After some stitches, some staples, a dose of Formula 18, I soon had my new guard dog awake and ready.

He immediatly jumped up and tried licking me…until his tounge fell off,  I’ll have to remember to staple it back on later.

I think I’ll name him Fritzy.

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