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09.15.18XX Return to Babbage take Two.

Grendel motioned the large arachnid machine forward “One more step, no! too far! one step back”  and winced as it stepped on someone’s greenhouse, “Too far, bring it up a few feet more, that’s it, steady, steady, alright drop it!”

The old house dangling precariously underneath the machine’s body was dropped as the lines securing it released, slamming to the ground in the lot in Wheatstone. Footman liftend the receiver up to his rebreather, “Perfect! ok, bring the loader back out to Palisade and get it dissassembled and loaded onto the airship.”  The pengi piloting the robot spider warked aknowlegement into the onboard teslacord and pulled at the levers as the thing shuddered, and made it’s way back to the mooring tower.  “And be careful not to step on anything else!”


As the dust settled, Grendel entered the house to start mapping out his plans.

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs September 17, 2013

    In Wheatstone? There goes the neighborhood. ((*wink*))

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