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In the Oroboros Power Plant, pengi gathered around the reactor, whirring and clanking as smoke and steam billowed out of ruptures forming on the iron shell.
Grendel walked in flanked by two pengi, #35, and 21.  
“I barely return to the city for an hour and find another mess, who decided that ‘take care of the power plant’ translates into ‘route the current into your own boiler’ ?”
The pengi all pointed to the still smouldering lump of melted iron and brass that was formerly #18.
Grendel rubbed his temples as the building shook under the strain and a shrill whistle like a tea kettle sounded.  
“You managed to bypass the failsafes, it’s breaching the containment fields. Next time I’m just going to get a zombie to do the job.”
The reactor reponded by firing a bolt out of it’s shell, and through a window, richocheting across the canal as thr sound of shattering glass was heard.
“I’d better not get another bill from the city for damages for this.”

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