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  • Serafina Puchkina posted an update 12 months ago

    Sunday, July 29 at 1 pm slt
    R.F. Burton Library

    The Gallery of Curiosities, # 1 Winter 2017
    Nine stories of steam and dread from the Gallery of Curiosities vaults, selected for the waning months of the year. Witness the mayhem of a full contact mechanized walker races; hear a witch-child’s recollection of the Red Revolution; tour a quiet village which carefully cares for its restless dead; meet a society of strange women operating under the auspices of the Crown, and more. Adventures from times that never were await you inside this first collection of stories. (Amazon summary)

    Curated and edited by several of Babbage’s finest and least sooty citizens.

    Book is available at and on Amazon.

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