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    Boarding house has special focus; Characters wanted
    By Milo Pressmore

    An unassuming building lies at the back of Babbage Square with the marker “Rooms for Rent.” This quiet boarding house also goes by the moniker “The Back Row Hotel”— it is owned by New Babbage resident Lady Toby De’Borel, and managed by former airship captain Domino Dust. Open now for just two months and change, this new concern focuses on serving a discerning and select clientele.

    How so? And how select? Prospective residents are vetted by the management to make sure they fit in with the character and atmosphere of New Babbage in general, and the nature of the boarding house itself. The stories that play out within this hotel are dark, and morally gray. Those who find refuge here may have nefarious schemes or criminal intent designed for unsuspecting citizens in New Babbage; shady business like that is de rigueur in the Back Row. Don’t act surprised if you notice the occasional blood stain; definitely don’t be shocked by screams in the night. Residents in the Back Row keep closed-mouthed around strangers, mostly. Snitches get stitches, and not the medically sterilized kind.

    The guidelines of the establishment can be found under a placard entitled “Rules,” situated at the front desk. Please do peruse the note card, as the qualifications for admittance are firm. The management does not encourage supernatural entities or storylines at the Back Row, as magic does not exist in New Babbage. Does. Not. Exist. At least, not officially. A conversation with the management (or the typist for Domino Dust) would elucidate this point.

    Mad Scientists may also possibly be encouraged to go elsewhere, since Management does not care for the “mad” part. Anyone crazy, or cuckoo enough to play at the supernatural, would be shown the door (and possibly committed). Manager Dust is a “grumpy” and somewhat “hostile character” (a former pirate, and not a jolly one), who behaves accordingly. But the typist for Dust is, on the other hand, quite willing to help or coach if someone wants to get involved in the Back Row story but isn’t sure how.

    Rooms rent for 60L weekly, furnished or unfurnished. You may install your own furnishings in your room if you wish, but keep them under 40LI, as there are other attractions offered to tenants that require the space. A refreshment bar is provided in the back room, complimentary for residents, but others by invitation only. Free coffee is in the lobby, as are comfy seats in which one may enjoy a purring cat in your lap. (Cats provided by the management).

    Contact the manager (dominodust) if you’d like to join in on the stories the Back Row has to tell.

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